Watch Free Streaming Movie and TV Shows Online with Crackle App

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Published on June 19, 2011

Watch Free Movie and TV Show with Crackle Android

Maybe some of you who have an android device last year and browse the Android Market find the new video streaming application called Crackle, Last year Crackle make us possible for to watch movies and also television shows right with your android device for only a small month-to-month payment. For just $4.99 you can get 30 days of unlimited service, $12.99 for 90 days, and $24.99 for half a year of unlimited service. But now you can get all the service is free of charge, yes it’s true. This app let you watching blockbuster movies and TV series without getting into trouble with the law.

How come we can watch movie and TV series free on crackle

Watching movie and tv series on Crackle app is free since this service is ad-supported video on demand streaming service. An Advertisement will be shown before streaming starts, right after a streaming starts and also once you playing the whole movie streaming. I think the Ads is not annoying because ads appeared don’t last very long. If you don’t like the Ads you can try another paid service apps like Netflix, if you want free I think Crackle is the best choice, just focus on the movie while watching don’t pay attention on the ads.

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