Good News For Desire User, HTC Decide To Bring Gingerbread (Update)

Written by Fridza. Posted in Device, Headline, News

Published on June 16, 2011

Nice, maybe this is little confusing for HTC Desire user. After HTC UK said that they can’t bring Gingerbread to Desire because it have not enough space on ROM (internal memory). But today HTC UK Engineer said they will try to bring gingerbread update to Desire, they will cut some stock apps from updates release. For me this news far more misunderstood, if the HTC Sense does not fit in the HTC Desire memory space, how on HTC Earth did it fit the memory space on the Wildfire S, might be people on HTC should clarify this. I feel HTC Engineer ought to employ the dev guys through XDA Developers, they are willing to take care of all of Desire issues.

For me HTC Engineer should remove Sense and present consumers the actual Android experience. Additionally get rid of all apps except for common Google applications. The others readily available for download from Android Market. That will work I think. Okay, just wait and see for next week news update from HTC Engineer.

[Source : HTC on Facebook]
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