Motorola Xoom WiFi Owner You Can Rent Movie From Market Now

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Published on June 22, 2011

Motorola Xoom Can Rent Movies From Market

Watch movie from your Motorola Xoom is easier today, motorola has announced from their official twitter that Movie from Android Market are now available to rent. You should able to see Movie tab on Android Market, and choose movies you want to rent there, after picking one you can watch it on Google Video. Make sure you have install the Google Videos from Android Market first before playing rented movies. All Motorola Xoom can use this new feature except for rooted and unlocked tablet. This is your decision, unroot your tablet to have fun with Movies from Android Market or keep your device rooted and waiting someone make Google Videos run on unlocked and rooted tablet.

How to play movies rented from Android Market in Motorola Xoom

After installing Google Video, and then you can Pick from a large number of full movie directly in Android Market and start streaming immediately, if you want to save movie you rent you are able to pin movie rentals in your tablet in order to watch them even though you are not connected to the internet. Additionally you can obtain instant access to all your personal video gallery, which includes the ones you’ve shot with your tablet digital camera.

[Source : Motorola Twitter]
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