HTC Thunderbolt Reboot Issue Fix Coming in 30th June (Leaked)

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Published on June 19, 2011

Thuncerbolt Last Update Fix Reboot Issue

For every HTC Thunderbolt users who have been disappointed by last update, because after updating the phone sometimes reboot itself. And thankfully, last month Verizon know about this issue and promise their user to fix it as soon as possible, after waiting for few weeks we hadn’t heard about the OTA update, today androidandme reported that they have receive information about fix on reboot issue from Verizon insider. Based on the information received, the update will be available 30th June. And this is may become a great news for Thunderbolt user, but don’t be too much impressed about this update, looks like the update just fix the reboot issue and some additional functionality.

What is Features Improvement on HTC Thunderbolt Last Update Gingerbread

Based on the leaked document reported that this Thunderbolt updates will give additional features such as Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), HTC Sense 2.1, Improvement on aGPS functionality, Amazon AppStore, Download Manager, Verizon Phone Finder, My Verizon. On multimedia and video communication, Verizon will give a Skype Video functionality, and also gTalk Video compatible. And the last feature related to messaging, this update will offer Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Extension. I hope that this news is real, really.

Update : Update now available now via OTA, check this post.

[Source : Android And Me]
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