AT&T will be Officially Released Gingerbread for Samsung Captivate and Inspire 4G

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Published on July 26, 2011

All 2011 AT&T will get gingerbread incl. Samsung Captivate

HTC Inspire 4G, Pantech Crossover, LG Phoenix, Samsung Captivate and Samsung Infuse 4G from AT&T will definitely getting Android Gingerbread update soon. According AT&T announcement, if you purchase android smartphones from them which released this year (2011) you can expect gingerbread update from it. Exceptions for Captivate, even though this smartphone were released in 2010 it would still get this update, all users will be pleased to hear this.

When AT&T will be officially launch gingerbread update, including Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate)

Still no word for official release date but for Inspire 4G handset will be receiving gingerbread update in next couple of weeks. I am sure that all users of AT&T will be delighted to hear their smartphones will get gingerbread update, especially for Captivate users because they have waiting this update since few months ago. This news could make android smartphones users from another carriers little bit jealous, as their device is still running with Froyo or even out-dated Eclair, hope this step is also followed by other carriers.

[Source : Mobileburn]
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