Minor Update Galaxy S II on Three Network UK

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Published on July 26, 2011

Update Galaxy S II in UK Three

Galaxy S II will be getting minor update from Three Network today, shortly after launch few months ago now you will get first update for this powerful smartphone. If you think you need Kies Software from Samsung to perform an update, you might be wrong as this firmware upgrade will be available via Over The Air. Little bit surprised me, maybe Three is the first mobile Carrier which offer update via OTA on Samsung products. I hope that all mobile carriers will follow in order to simplify update process.

How to Update Galaxy S II from Three Network

To updating your smartphone you have to do it manually, follow this steps, go to Main Menu and then Settings > My Phone > Check for Update. You can’t expect to get android 2.3.4 after updating your phone, based on several users who already doing this they not find major changes, maybe only some bug fix and improvements. If you have Samsung Galaxy S II, an update wouldn’t hurt your device.

[Source : @ThreeUK]
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