The Latest Android 3.2 will be Hit Motorola Xoom

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Published on July 08, 2011

Latest Android 3.2 Now Hit Moto Xoom

Motorola Xoom maybe is most lucky android tablet today, last month Xoom is the first and the only tablet which can rent movies from market and play it in google videos, and now this device is the first tablet which will get latest honeycomb update (Android 3.2) from google, this 3.2 update maybe the last update from honeycomb before turn to Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

According Android Open Source Project (AOSP) website, a member with username ‘project member’ reply that there should be a 3.2 coming within days, and it will help to resolve some Xoom bugs (maybe it will enable the SDcard functionality), you can expect this update will available next week. This member maybe a google android developer as this email address using domain ‘mbl…’. I hope 3.2 also hit another tablet such as Galaxy Tab, will see in the next week.

[Source : Android Central]
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