Android 3.2 Still Can’t Deal with SDCard Issue on Motorola Xoom

Written by Fridza. Posted in Motorola, Tablet

Published on July 20, 2011

Xoom Honeycomb 3.2 Support SDCard Problem

Few weeks ago Motorola Xoom is getting Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) update, with the release of this update many users hope this update could be activate SDCard feature in this device. And yes, This feature has indeed been added, you can see your SDCard on your Xoom, but when you want make file operation such as rename your file, move file from SD to internal storage or vice versa you will get error notification.

This issue occur because Xoom is treating your SDcard as read-only card, so you can’t make changes on it. Little bit annoying rights ? I’m sure Motorola has been working to fix this issue, hopefully they are going to release new minor update or even release Android 3.3 to deal with Xoom SDcard issue. We will let you know once any update is out. Thanks.

[Source : Droid-Life]
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