Motorola MOTODEFY T-Mobile UK Officially Getting Froyo Update

Written by Fridza. Posted in T-Mobile, United Kingdom

Published on July 16, 2011

Official Froyo Motodefy T-Mobile

Finally after waiting for months, now Motorola Defy is getting froyo (android 2.2) update in T-Mobile UK. This official update is available today from the Motorola update area, on ‘select phone type’ option make sure you select “MOTODEFY T-Mobile UK” since the others will never work for your specific branded smartphone, after selecting the correct phone type you have to download Motorola Software Update for your PC. After installing Motorola Software Update and connect your device into your PC, this software will notify you in case an upgrade can be acquired. Sadly this Moto Software Update only work for windows-based PC.

When you perform and update, the software will be wipe off all third-party media you have installed before, such as music, pictures, ringtones, and also screensavers. Third party apps which you downloaded from android market and several custom configurations are not able to restored automatically once the your handset successfully updated to froyo. So back up all your data and configuration first before performing an update.

[Source : T-Mobile]
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