Skype Video Calls Now Support Samsung Galaxy S

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Published on July 04, 2011

Skype unofficial now support for Galaxy S

Few days ago Skype announced video calls feature on android phones, but not all device get this features. But some developers from XDA-Developers make this apps works for Samsung Galaxy S, and sure not officially supported by Skype. Two way video calls requires Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and supports only for Landscape-mode. Based on the developer thread on xda-developers forum this apps is reported working great on phone (Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2, HTC Evo, HTC Sensation, Xperia Play) and tablet devices (Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer) so far.

How to Running Skype Two Way Video Calls on Samsung Galaxy S

If you want to installed it, make sure to uninstall the official/original version first and install patched .apk files from forum’s thread. You also need a handsets which supports NEON/VFP instruction, because skype video libraries need this to run skype. For Android 2.2 (Froyo) users if you want to run Skype, you can go to this thread from xda-developers.

Update : Galaxy S now officially support Skype Video Calling Features.

[Source : XDA-Developers]
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