Nexus S 4G Get OTA Update in July 11th via Sprint Network

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Published on July 07, 2011

Sprint Nexus S 4G Update Bug Fixes

After Nexus One getting gingerbread update from Vodafone, now the update hit Google Nexus S 4G, this handset can get update in 11th July, the update will be delivered to customer over a 4 day period. Users will get notification if there is any update available, what you have to do just follow the steps you see in screen to update your smartphones. After updating your device you can validate it, just in case any problem during update, if your update was successful your software version should be GRJ90.

Sprint Nexus S 4G Update Improvement and Bug Fix

In this update you can get several improvements and bugs fix, but no update to Ice Cream Sandwiches yet, here’s the list of update for Nexus S 4G :

  • Enables NFC Secure Element.
  • 4G Configurations Screen Widget.
  • TTY Support.
  • NI Push Support (PRL and Device Configuration).
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connections, speaker phone sound quality, 4G throughput and also signal acquisition.
  • Tuned signal strength indicators.
[Source : Sprintfeed]
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