Motorola Xoom Today Receiving Android 3.2 Upgrade, Download it Now !

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Published on July 13, 2011

Honeycomb 3.2 Update for Xoom

Motorola Xoom finally get Honeycomb 3.2 update today, last week we post a news about a someone (maybe google employee) in Android Open Source Project (AOSP) website said that Honeycomb 3.2 will be hit Xoom in few days. And according news from Droid-Life, the update is available today in small batch, we don’t know this update is official or not but you can try it if you want.

Major Enhancements in Honeycomb 3.2 Update for Moto Xoom

This 3.2 update is for WiFi only version or unlocked device, we don’t suggest you use this update if you have 3G or 4G version of Xoom, it’s better to wait release from your carrier to make sure everything works fine, you can expect this update will rolling out in all network by next month. Major fix coming with this HTJ85B build number upgrade is ability to add SDcard support, this is most wanted feature on US-based Xoom. Another improvements you can get when installing this update is completely new zooming function to render all non-tablet applications to run much correctly on your tablet screen device which usually having big-screen (7 – 11 inches LCD display). You can download the update here, but there’s no instruction how to apply this file into your Xoom.

[Source : Droid-Life]
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