Android 2.3.5 Nexus One ROM Rolling Out with New Features

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Published on August 05, 2011

Android 2.3.5 Nexus One is now live and ready to manual download, after Motorola Droid and then Nexus S 4G releases official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update last month now this update arriving to HTC Google Nexus One. Markdenver’s Android 2.3.5 rolling out yesterday bringing new version v3.1, this ROM built from AOSP and including several bug fixes and improvements in order to achieve better performance and give more flexibility for Google Nexus One smartphones. Major change coming with this update is full support to NFC and many bug fixes, NFC secure elements is required to run Google Wallet, Nexus S 4G is ready for this apps.

Android 2.3.5 Nexus One ROM Manually Update

As this is not an official release you’re taking full responsibility whatever happens with your HTC Nexus One. You can download Android 2.3.5 ROM directly from MarkDenver’s web page and here are some step by step to update your handsets :

  1. Unlock your Nexus One and flash it with Custom recovery image. Developer recommend you to use AmonRa`s Recovery Image
  2. Perform a Nandroid Backup if needed, but you actually need this step.
  3. Make sure to wipe your phone data and every little thing which coming from a another ROM releases.
  4. Transfer or move your downloaded update file to SD card
  5. Flash zip file from recovery
  6. Final step is reboot and smile.

Update : For more complete step by step how to installing or flashing Custom ROM for your Nexus One go here.

Android 2.3.5 Nexus One ROM Download Manually

Google Nexus One Android 2.3.5 changelog for v3.1

Here are several new features and improvements coming with v3.1 version :

V3.1 (8.1.2011)-Added Adhoc and also OpenVPN connections (you need to test with OpenVPN), updated Google Maps.apk to version 5.8.0, New kernel Butterscotch V1.2, Lock screen tri-state volume control, Tweaked and fixed the trackball alert colors and the setting Blink Notification light will minimize the space between pulses to about 1 1/2 seconds,Added Reboot option (Recovery, Boot loader,Reboot) Fixed the notification always on button, Lockscreen obeys the haptic feedback setting, Added a small alarm tone, and several some other tiny tweaks.

You can regularly checking developer’s web page above in case you need to update to the latest version of Android 2.3.5 for Nexus One.

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