Get Spotify For Android Devices, No Invites Required

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Published on August 07, 2011

Get spotify for android smartphones or tablets in US for free without invitation code, as we knows spotify is coming in USA last month and give you access to stream their huge music library. Unfortunately you need invitation code to make it work on your android devices, but now Lifehacker reveal how to using this apps with no invitation code.

Simple Trick To Get Spotify for Android

There’s two way to make this works for your android devices. The first way is to register an invitation via Amanda referral, you can go to this link and then enter your email address there to request invite, when invites is available again you can get spotify faster than the others. Another trick is you have to create a new UK spotify account, you need to UK-based web proxy (you can search here and then search UK-based server), once find it you need to register via, you will need UK address and zip code, just google it.

Done with register now you need to login at without web proxy, in case you can’t see any login links ? don’t worry it’s hidden behind signup page. After successfully logging in, you have to change your region from UK to US in the Country menu. Get spotify apps for android via market or directly via and login with your new account. Good Luck.

Get Spotify Android without invites

[Source : Lifehacker]
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