Instagram Android Apps Alternative Available in Market

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Published on August 05, 2011

Instagram android apps has been rumored to available last year after Instagram co-Founder Kevin Systrom said to Techcrunch that they’re still working on android platform for this apps, and also said that android is really important for them, but until today we never see any news again when it will be available in Android Market. Instagram is most popular photo sharing iphone apps , you can take a photo with your smartphone camera, applying a filter on it and then sharing through social networking site (Facebook and Twitter) or photo sharing site (Flickr).

When Instagram Android Apps will be Available on Android Market

So, till now there’s no update about instagram android availability, maybe the developer have no interest anymore in this market and still targeting iphone users. So If you want, you can find alternative apps similar to Instagram available in Android Market. Here are some free apps which offering identical features just like Instagram :
Dropico – Photo Sharing and Effects, with this apps you are able to take a photo, apply photo effects or filter and then share it via Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr , DailyBooth , Posterous , Foursquare, Flickr , Picasa , PhotoBucket , ImageShack , Dropbox. And it’s absolutely FREE.
Streamzoo – after installing this apps on your phone you can take photos or videos, choosing stunning photo filter effects if needed and then share it via Facebook or Twitter to have some fun with your android phone.

Instagram Android Alternative

The Best Instagram Android Apps Alternative Available today.

If you want to have the best instagram android apps alternative you take a look at vignette apps, it’s have 84 photo effects and 59 frames, retro/vintage styles, Polaroid, etc. And another excellent photo sharing apps for android is Camera360, it will turn your photo into professional camera offers LOMO, HDR, axis shift draft, ghost effects and much more. Both apps is paid but the Demo apps is available for trying.

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