Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers and Battery Drain Issue

Written by Fridza. Posted in Home Screen and Widget

Published on September 21, 2011

You can make your smartphones or tablet more attractive by using android live wallpapers this animated wallpaper is available for free on market apps, there’s hundred of apps you can pick one from grass, koi fish, dancing characters till animated weather 3d wallpapers. If you prefer to use weather wallpaper you can decide on Go Weather Animated Wallpaper Apps, it’s has better animation, lightweight and the most important it’s absolutely free.

Weather Android Live Wallpapers Battery

Android live wallpapers battery drain is known issue, some users may notice that they getting short battery life and slower touchscreen response after using it. You must know that this apps is using cpu resource to keep moving the graphic (some apps also need more cpu resource to interaction such as Koi Fish), but this apps only run when you at your homescreen which is short time period. And it also depends on the developers, if a live wallpapers is poorly coded it can utilizing more cpu resource thus drainning your battery.

[Source : android forums]
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