How To Get Free Ringtones Using Android Apps

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Published on September 20, 2011

You can get free ringtones on android smartphone or tablet by downloading apps on market, there’s two ways you can get ringtones for free, the first way is creating ringtones using Ringtone Maker Apps, using your own music collection saved on your smartphone, this apps has ability to select which part of songs you can use as a ringtone by specify starting and also ending points for any music/audio files (mp3, acc/mp4,wav,3gp/amr).

Best Free Ringtones Android

If you can’t or have no time to create your self, you can use Zedge Apps to choose free ringtones and notification optimized for your own android smartphone or tablet devices, it can handle default ringtones, contact ringtones, message notification, alarms sound, alerts and all sorts of notifications. Not only ringtones you can also pick HD wallpaper which shared by millions of Zedge users.

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