Android on HP Touchpad Progress – Now Touchscreen Working

Written by Fridza. Posted in Developer, HP

Published on September 08, 2011

Android on HP Touchpad becomes much closer at the moment, for those who already buying this tablet and wish to run Android OS on it you have a good luck, after successfully booting CM7 on Touchpad last week, now Cyanogenmod Team already done with some things such as touchscreen with multi touch, proper pixel format, Gfx acceleration, LVM and Android USB gadget with adb, all now working correctly.

For HP Touchpad users you need to wait more as they still working on WiFi issue, still no exact date when it will be available for public use, you might get it next few weeks or even next month because first rule of CyanogenMod Team is no ETA’s for their project, but it worth to wait. While waiting this custom ROM for your HP Touchpad to be released you can watch video below that showing their progress with this project.

[Source : RootzWiki]
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