Rooted Droid Bionic Issue Reported and How to Unroot it

Written by Fridza. Posted in Motorola, Verizon

Published on September 15, 2011

How to unroot your Droid Bionic after successfully make it rooted, that’s common question when users worry about Verizon warranty and we don’t know why you desire to unroot your android smartphone. Some users reported that they have an issue with rooted Bionic such as device is randomly powering off with no reason, and according motorola owner forum thats is know issue of rooted device.

For unroot your device you need Pete’s Motorola Root Tools, download it and then extract. Now this tool has option to unroot, this tools can’t bring back renamed or deleted apps, so make sure you install your deleted apps first before unrooting. This will bring your smartphone back just like new Bionic, and hope your warranty will back although technically your Verizon warranty is still void.

step how to unroot droid bionic

[Source : xda-developers]
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