HTC Sensation vs Sensation XE – Comes with Same Chipset, RAM and Display

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Published on September 19, 2011

HTC Sensation XE Comparison Pros Cons

There was no significant difference between earlier HTC Sensation and Sensation XE, the main difference is XE comes with new color and also featured with Beats Audio™ plus a Beats Headphone designed to give amazing sound. The other distinction on both of HTC android smartphone is processor clock speed and battery life, XE has 1.5 GHz processor clock more faster than the predecessor which only has 1.2 GHz clock, and about the battery Sensation XE is sold with 1730mAh while the predecessor only comes with 1520mAh.

Should I Upgrade to HTC Sensation XE

This latest HTC’s android smartphone has same specs with previous Sensation products, HTC Sensation XE comes with same Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update, same display size, same RAM, same chipset (MSM8260) even though it has more clock speed. So, it’s necessary to update ? It’s up to you, if you need Beats Audio™ feature and Beats headphone you can purchase it. But if looking for more powerful smartphone you can overclock your old Sensation to 1.5 GHz as both has same chipset, if you looking more battery life you can actually buy Anker’s extended battery which has 1900mAh better compared to stock XE which only has 1730mAh. And about Internal storage XE has 4GB internal memory but only 1GB available to use, your old Sensation also has 1GB too, so it’s slightly different. You can find more Sensation XE specs and price and compare it with yours.

If you can’t have enough money for upgrade to Sensation XE, just buy another premium headphone and upgrade your old Sensation battery to Anker’s 1900mAh.

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