Samsung Galaxy S will Get Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) 4.0 ?

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Published on October 23, 2011

So, most popular android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S will get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) 4.0 update ? Might be you’ve heard rumor that Samsung guarantee all GT-xxxx series models to get official ICS update, it could be right and might be wrong too since a lot of GT-xxxx series get no official update to gingerbread for example some mobile carrier in Poland never rollout Android 2.3 update for i9000. Google also announce that all android smartphone which already get official 2.3 update will also work with ICS. But we never know until we get official announcement from Samsung.

IceCreamSandwich Galaxy S

You don’t need to be afraid that Samsung will forget Galaxy S since this phone isn’t Dual Core just like it’s successor Galaxy S II or Galaxy Nexus. SGS still has decent hardware (1 GHz Processor and 512MB of RAM) to run unofficial/custom ICS ROM from smart developers such as CyanogenMod Team, they will build CM9 based on ICS source code. That’s the real good news.

[Source : xda-devs forum]
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