Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.0.1) Successfully Boot into HTC Droid Incredible

Written by Fridza. Posted in Developer

Published on October 24, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich finally get porting to HTC Droid Incredible, JoelZ9614 from xda-dev forum successfully make it boot on Incredible android smartphone using CyanogenMod AOSP and Android 4.0.1 Vanilla. Not only successfully booting this ROM also able to navigate with trackball, since this release is alpha stage this ROM recommend only for developers and not for end-users. Touchscreen still not working, if you can’t wait to feel ICS on your Droid Incredible you can try this at your own risk.

Droid Incredible ICS Update

Some of you might wondering, is porting ICS from SDK will work ? I think it’s possible but need more hard work rather than using ICS source code, a developer from Nexus One now got Wi-Fi working so it’s also possible to make it work with Incredible. You can wait until CM9 is unveiled since Google will release ICS source code not long after Galaxy Nexus available on the market. You go to developer thread to download and testing the ROM.

[Source : xda-devs]
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