Step by Step How to Root and S-OFF on Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2

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Published on November 13, 2011

Google has been announced their latest android version with code name Ice Cream Sandwich last month, but Incredible 2 isn’t included in the list of HTC phones which will get official ICS updates. For those who can’t wait for official update from Verizon or not sure if these phone will get latest update, you can try flashing your device with a custom ROM. Before planning to update Incredible 2 with ICS ROM or other future android release, you need to get root access, S-OFF and installing custom recovery such as ClockWorkMod. You can also read more about root, S-OFF and custom ROM FAQ. This tutorial based on a guide from xda-developers forum by rivera82falcon.

Things you need before performing rooting process :

  • Personal Computer with Windows OS (XP, Vista or higher version).
  • HTC Drivers for Windows get it here.
  • Superuser Application (.apk) grab it here.
  • Fastboot, ADB file and CWM recovery image, download it here and here. (both files needed when revolutionary tools fails to install ClockWorkMod)
  • Go to and find download links and choose “Download for Windows” and then a “Beta Key” form will appears, fill it with proper info (PC OS, device name, Hboot version and serial number). For Hboot version you only have one version and for serial number you can find it in your phone by removing the battery and check out the sticker, you can also find it on Settings > About > Phone > Phone Identity. Click “Generate key” button, after get beta key and then copy it to notepad.

Step by Step Guide Rooting Verizon HTC Incredible 2

On Your PC :
1. Check your installed program on your PC and make sure there’s no HTC Sync application installed. Install HTC Drivers which already downloaded.
2. Unzip file inside “” to “C:\android-win-tools\” folder and copy cwm- into this folder too.

On Your Phone :
1. Disable Fast Boot (uncheck Fastboot option in Settings > Power).
2. Enable (check) USB Debugging in Settings > Applications > Development.
3. Enable (check) Unknow Source in Settings > Applications.
4. Plug stock HTC USB cable and put your phone in “Disk Drive” and then copy “” in root of your phone SD card.
5. Now put your phone in “charge only” mode.

On your PC :
6. Extract file you have downloaded from and double click .exe file to start it.
7. You will asked to enter your beta key code which you have copied to notepad. Root process starting and now you have to wait around 5 minutes and your HTC Droid Incredible 2 will reboot several times.
8. In the final process you will ask to install ClockWorkMod (CWM) custom recovery type “n” for No, since many users reported that revolutionary tools will crash when trying to install CWM, you can install it manually later.
9. Now you should get S-OFF status on Bootloader, but it’s not finished yet we need to install CWM and Superuser.apk.

How to installing CWM recovery and Superuser apps manually.

On Phone :
1. Boot into Fastboot, you can read more about that on guide here.

On PC :
2. Open windows command prompt (CMD)
3. Type “cd C:\” after directory changed to “C:\” and then type “cd android-win-tools”. Now directory should be “C:\android-win-tools\”
4. Type this command “fastboot flash recovery cwm-” to start installing process.

hboot incredible 2

On Phone :
5. On main Hboot menu choose RECOVERY option and you will be brought to ClockWorkMod (CWM) main menu.
6. Choose “Install zip from SD card” > “Choose zip from SD card” and then find find “” which you have been downloaded before and select “Yes”.
7. Once done back to CWM main menu and choose reboot.

Now you should already get root privileges, S-OFF and installed custom recovery for your HTC Droid Incredible 2, you can try to flash it with any custom ROMs by following this guide.

[Source : xda-devs]
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