Root Android Phone and Tablet – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Published on November 10, 2011

Phone Root FAQ

For novice android device users “root” is strange word, rooting may have the same meaning as Jailbreaking on iOS devices such as iPhone. Today we trying to share with you the small Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about rooting your android smartphone or tablet, this post based on rooting faq on HTC Desire Z on xda-developers forums by member with username gtrab.

Android Root FAQ

1. “Root” What it is ? There’s a plant on my phone ?
When you buy new android devices it come with non root privileges, you can’t modify anything on the system area. When you root your smartphone you will have freedom to change your system file, remove stock apps in internal storage, tweaking, overclocking, backup and recovery, flashing custom ROM etc.

2. Is rooting my device is safe and won’t void my warranty ?
Many users who has been rooting their phone said it safe, but make sure read carefully the instructions. And about the warranty since you are able to un-root it your warranty is still valid, but does not apply to all phone manufacturers.

3. Are my phone data (contact, email, SMS, system setting) will be lost after rooting ?
It should not, but it’s better to backup your data before doing anything with your phone. It’s only modify android systems permissions.

4. After rooting can I flash a ROM on my phone ?
It depends on your android phone manufacturer, some manufacturer such as Sony Ericsson (Xperia X10 mini, X8) are able to flash with any ROM right after it get root access. But other brand give additional security to protect their system area, for example HTC android phone has Security-ON (S-ON) by default, so you can’t flash any image (custom or unsigned) unless you change it to S-OFF. You can learn more about S-OFF on our FAQ.

So, are you interesting to root your android gadgets ?

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