Motorola Droid 2 Global first ICS ROM [CM9] Now Available

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Published on December 29, 2011

Droid 2 Global ICS ROM

Previously we posted about chance for Droid 2 Global to get Ice Cream Sandwich official update, to this day Motorola still has no plan to update D2G with ICS. Fortunately, we still has developers out there who help us to build Android 4.0 for our android phone, and now a user from xda-developers with username ngocha2006 release CyanogenMod 9 (CM9). As we know, CM9 still in the development process and scheduled to be released in early 2012.


Although this CM9 ROM for D2G still in early stage, many features has been reported to be working such as CDMA/GSM radio, sms, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, sensors, sound, SD card function, EGL, USB, 2D/3D hardware acceleration and phone charging. Since this ROM still on Alpha stage you might find few bugs when you install it now, some features which need to be fixed such as phone data, camera, talk, Android Market download and probably more. For those who interest to flash this ROM, make sure you update to Gingerbread (4.5.608) OTA first, since Froyo kernel will not work. If you don’t have enough time to update or have no skill to manually update your android phone, upgrade to Droid Razr 4G can be alternative since this phone confirmed to get official Ice Cream Sandwich update from Motorola. You can go to xda thread to find download links and future updates.

[Source : xda]
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