Guide Updating T-Mobile G2x / LG Optimus 2x with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Custom ROM

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Published on December 22, 2011

To this day there’s no official announcement from LG if they would provide LG Optimus 2x aka T-Mobile G2x an ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Update. You might already know that LG currently in the process of planning Android 4.0 update for some android phones, but they still don’t have a decision, which android devices will get the latest OS updates, so we have to wait until LG mobile officially announce it. And for those who can’t wait to feel ICS experience in their T-Mobile G2x / Optimus 2x, installing custom ROM such as CM9 can be alternative solutions, since we have seen many G2x already running CM7 which based Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

 ICS Ice Cream Sandwich Tmobile G2x Optimus 2x

How To Installing T-Mobile G2x with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) custom ROM

Before planning to installing / flashing your LG android phones, you need to realize that by rooting and installing a custom unofficial ROM, you assume full responsibility for any damage occurred to your phone. To avoid unexpected things happen, always backup your phone data including contact and Gmail by sync it with Google account. To backup sms, mms, call logs, browser bookmarks you may downloading MyBackup apps. This apps can also backup and restore all android applications which have been downloaded from market.

To update LG Optimus 2x / T-Mobile G2x we need to get root access and installing custom recovery. Root privileges is optional to flashing a ROMs, root access will be gained automatically once you flashing new custom ROMs, but root is required if you want to backup installed apps data not only the main apps (.apk), follow the guide on this thread to root T-Mobile G2x and for LG Optimus 2x you follow this guide. We need custom recovery to flashing, ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery is commonly used to reset, backup OS and flashing new ROMs on android phones. You can download ROM Manager from Market to install ClockworkMod recovery, this app can also download and flash a ROMs.

But there’s other method flashing CWM recovery using NvFlash, by flashing CWM using this method you will get additional security, so if your android phones freeze or boot loop and unable to reach ROM Manager app you can still access CWM recovery by pressing “volume down” keys together with “power” button, learn more about NvFlash T-Mobile G2x at this thread. After root and CWM, now you can download a ROM to be flashed in your android phone, at this time, the ICS ROMs for T-Mobile G2x / Optimus 2x still on development, CyanogenMod Team still build CM9 now and will be released in early 2012. We will inform you once the ROMs released.

Flashing ICS on LG Optimus 2x / T-Mobile G2x using Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery

Now boot into CWM recovery, there’s two options to enter it, open ROM Manager app and choose “Reboot into Recovery”. If you installing CWM with NvFlash method, you can entering CWM by turn off your phone and then press volume down keys + power button together, now you should on CWM main menu.

CWM Optimus 2x G2x

  1. Select “backup and restore” to backup original / previous ROMs.
  2. Choose option “wipe data/factory reset” to restore your phone like when bought it from stores and then choose option “wipe cache partition”.
  3. Select “install zip from sdcard” >> “choose zip from sdcard” and locate the ROM you have been downloaded before, and flash process will begin.
  4. Back and reboot your phone.

The ROM also can be installed via ROM Manager app, on main app main menu select “Install ROM from SD Card”

Installing LG Optimus 2x / T-MobileG2x with ICS is recommended only for advanced users only, for newbie users a phone upgrade might be the best alternative. For those who want upgrade their android phone, HTC Amaze from T-Mobile may be suitable for you since this device confirmed to get ICS update, and if you want the real Ice Cream Sandwich device Galaxy Nexus 4G is the only choice to date.

Update : LG has officially announced that they will provide an ICS update for LG Optimus 2x and some other android phones in the second and third quarter of 2012.

[Source : xda | cyanogenmod]
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