[Guide] How to Update Droid X to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Custom ROM

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Published on December 06, 2011

Motorola officially said that for now they will provide ICS update only for Droid Razr, Droid Bionic and Xoom which scheduled to release in early 2012. The chance for Motorola Droid X to get official Ice Cream Sandwich update from Verizon are small, and our last hope to get update are from android developers who build a Custom ROM. After Google release Android 4.0.1 source code now you can rely to Cyanogenmod Team to give us custom ICS firmware, and the good news is they already work to build CM9 and will be ready to test in February 2012 (2 months after source code drop). And now we want to show you how to update Droid X to Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM / firmware.

Droid X ICS Update

Guide Updating Motorola Droid X to ICS update

Before do anything you should know that by installing / flashing custom ROM might damage your Motorola android phone, we are not responsible if you experience it. As always don’t forget to backup your data and sync your contact, gmail, calendar with Google account. Additionally you can backup your installed apps, sms, call log, bookmarks, etc on your android devices by download MyBackup apps, this will save your time to install all apps manually after upgrading.

Firstly, you need to check your firmware version by go to Settings > About phone, if you already on firmware version 2.3.340 you’re are eligible, but if your DX get latest version (newer than 2.3.340) that’s mean you need to downgrade by following the instruction here. After satisfying the firmware version requirements the next step is to get root privileges, if you don’t know what ‘root’ is, you can read the FAQ here and you should read this guide to root your DX.

The next step once you have root access is installing Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap with CWM (Clockworkmod) Recovery by following this guide. Once done now you can installing any custom ROMs you want. To boot into CWM recovery turn off your android phone and then press and hold volume down key + press and hold power button for about 10 seconds. Here’s the step how to install / flashing a custom ICS ROM for Verizon Droid X android phone :

CWM Droid X

  1. Download a custom ROM in zip file. You can download any Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) custom ROMs you want, if you want to use CM9 by Cyanogenmod Team you have to wait till they release it in early 2012.
  2. Put the custom ROM in zip file into SD card.
  3. Boot into CWM recovery.
  4. Perform Nandroid backup on the existing ROM by choosing “Backup and restore” options.
  5. Choose “Wipe data/factory reset” options.
  6. Find a ROM which you have downloaded before by choosing “Install zip from sdcard” > “Choose zip from sdcard”. Now the flashing process begin and wait until finish.
  7. Go back and choose “Reboot”options.

When everything works fine now you should running ICS on your Droid X, we know installing a custom ROM is difficult for novice users . If you don’t want to be bothered you should upgrade your phone with Verizon Droid Razr which has better hardware specs and confirmed by Motorola to be able running official Android 4.0 update.

[Source : Cyanogenmod]
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