HTC Aria get its first ICS (Android 4.0.3) port, ready to be tested

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Published on January 03, 2012

There are lots of android phones get its Ice Cream Sandwich port after Google releasing the source code, and what about ICS on HTC Aria (aka Liberty), will these android smartphone get it ? I doubt it will get an official upgrade from HTC, since these phone was released in 2010, and also Aria isn’t listed in HTC’s first wave of ICS update. But we still has a good news, a dev from xda with username dustinhayes93 now try to build a custom ROM based on Android 4.0.3 source and it successfully boots on our Aria.

HTC Aria ICS Update

This custom ROM still on development and need several bug fixes, here are some features which confirmed to be working on HTC Aria : some texting and calling, touchscreen, WiFi radio, sensors, bluetooth, sounds, and the home key. It’s not advisable if you planning to use it everyday activities, since this ROM need a lot of fixes such as browser, hardware acceleration, and much more. And for anyone who familiar with CyanogenMod ROMs you can wait until CM9 release in early 2012 (Jan or Feb). If you interesting and planning to flashing with a custom ROM, make sure your android phone fulfills the requirements such as root privileges, for download link and updates head to this thread. In case you are afraid of damaging your android smartphone, you can upgrade your phone with HTC Vivid also from AT&T which confirmed to get official ICS upgrade from HTC.

[Source : xda]
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