HTC Evo 4G gets Android 4.0.3 (ICS) port and available to download

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Published on January 03, 2012

Evo 4G Ice Cream Sandwich

Although Evo 4G wasn’t planned to get official ICS update from HTC, it doesn’t mean we can’t get it elsewhere, we can still Ice Cream Sandwich update on our HTC Evo 4G by flashing it with a Custom ROMs. A developer from xda with username kushdeck successfully port Android 4.0.3 from source. He called it ICS-Deck, even though the ROM still on Alpha stage, many features considered to be working on our HTC android phones.


Since this ROM still Alpha 1 you may experience a couple of force closes when running an apps, and not recommended for daily use. We need to wait for several weeks or maybe few months to until the dev releasing the stable version, and if you are determined to continue using earlier version of this ROM now, you will get trouble when using Wimax and camera features. While waiting the stable version you can try to gaining root access and S-OFF because it is a requirement for flashing custom ROM for our HTC Evo 4G, but if you not sure can make it, the best alternative is is upgrade phone to HTC Evo 3D. You can check out this thread for download and further updates.

[Source : xda]
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