Asus offering another alternative solution to fix Transformer Prime serial number unknown / not found

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Published on January 24, 2012

Unknown Serial number not found asus transformer prime

Last week Asus has provided a temporary solution to fix serial number unknown issue on Transformer Prime by suggest users to factory reset their android tablets, but after give it a try many users said that factory reset can’t solve their problems. So, on Sunday Asus provides another alternative solution, and now suggest users to manually download and install Prime latest firmware.

To perform manual update you will need a microSD card, you can download the update files on but ensure to download the appropriate firmware for your device, for the U.S. version they advised to download file. Once finished downloading extract the file and put it in the root of the microSD card and then install it.

When the manual firmware update can’t fix the problem, North America users are advised to contact Asus customer care representative via a hotline 1-888-678-3688. Customer representative will ask for detailed information of your tablet and will check the status of your serial number on their servers. If you don’t want to call a hotline you can send an email to Asus with a format like this :

Email Subject : TF201 SN Not Found – your name

Name : your name
Phone : your active phone number
Email : your active email address
SN# : TF201 serial number

and send it to

[Source : xda]
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