Must Have Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Accessories : Case, Dock, Skin Guard and much more.

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Published on January 09, 2012

Must have Asus Transformer Prime Accessories

So, you’ve buy new released android tablet Eee Pad Transformer from Asus and still have money left to spend, that means you need accessories to complement your new gadget. There a lot of accessories for the Asus Transformer Prime although these tablets are available in the market recently, but you can already find plenty of accessories available such as a mobile dock, case, skin guard, stylus / pen, carrying case and portable external battery charger.

We today has done searching for you to find best accessories for your new Prime.

Asus Transformer Prime Accessories : TF201 Mobile Docking

TF201 Dock

If you want to speed your typing that mean you need a mobile dock designed specifically to Prime, as it comes with a QWERTY keyboard and multi-touch touchpad which make your tablet seems like a laptop. Another benefit of the mobile dock is able to extend battery life up to 18 hours, dock also comes with an SD card reader and USB 2.0 ports. You can buy it directly from

TF201 Screen Protector Shield

TF201 Dock

Other accessories which are essential to protect your tablet is a screen protector, a lot of screen protector available for Prime but make sure to match with the size of your device and also ensure not harm the LCD screen, you could try a screen guard from Skinomi Techskin from Asus Transformer Prime only for $15.99 from Amazon.

Transformer Prime TF201 Two Angles Case

TF201 Dock

Besides screen protector you also need a case to protect the tablet, you can find several case to Prime. However, you might be interested in Moko slim cover case, which can be a stand with two angles, vertical and horizontal, you can get only with $54.99 check latest price.

Physical Joystick for Precise Gaming

TF201 Dock

If you love to play games, you might be interested in the physical joystick for Transformer Prime and also work for other tablet which has a capacitive touchscreen. Not all games can be played with a this joystick but if your game use the directional pad control, the game may also be working with this tool, and you can get this joystick on Amazon for only $49.99, prices may change, click here to see the latest prices.

Portable USB ports Charger for Asus Transformer Prime TF201

TF201 Dock

If you love traveling and constantly make use of your tablet, you will need a portable USB portable charger that can serve as a backup battery. If you wish to purchase a portable charger make sure the capacity is same or maybe more, Prime itself comes with 6930 mAh battery capacity. You could try a portable charger 7000 mAh of New Trent, although not mentioned to be working with the TF201 but you can try it since Prime also utilize a USB ports to charge, buy it for $100, see new price.

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