Top LG Spectrum accessories : case, cover, screen protector, extended battery, car charger and more

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Published on January 25, 2012

LG Spectrum Cases Cover Battery

LG Spectrum (also known as Revolution 2) has been available last week with Verizon Wireless, you can get these android phone priced at $199 with 2 year contract with Verizon. LG Spectrum is suitable for those of you who want to feel LG Optimus, but with LTE Network speed, previously Optimus LTE version also available for AT&T with the name LG HD Nitro. To make your phone looks gorgeous and also well protected, this time we give examples of some accessories for LG Spectrum such as case, screen protector, extended battery, car charger, etc.

Best LG Spectrum Case

Spectrum has a considerable body and dimensions are also pretty wide (5.34″x2.71 x0.43″) since it is built with 4.5-inches display. To protect the entire body you need a case, a cases for mobile devices are generally made from plastic or silicon, you can choose a case with a variety of design and colors at here.

Best LG Spectrum Screen Protector

These android phone comes with HD-IPS display 4.5-inches capacitive touchscreen (720 x 1280 pixels) and also features True HD graphics engine make this mobile phone can deliver an excellent graphic, LG Spectrum display also built with Corning Gorilla Glass to avoid scratches. To provide additional protection, you can give a screen protector, you can choose the screen protector for Spectrum from several brands at here.

LG Spectrum Car Charger

Car charger is needed when you run out of battery in a car, this charger is rarely used but can be useful in emergencies, so make sure you have them one for your car. You can see different models and various prices here.

LG Spectrum External Battery

These Android phone comes with a 1830 mAh battery capacity, with that you can call for up to 8 hours and a stand-by time for 345 hours or roughly 14 days. But when you frequently use it for playing games or browsing, your battery will be run out faster. For that you need an external battery that can also serve as an extended battery, in case you want to buy make sure to choose a product with bigger “mAh” than your phone, you can find external backup battery which has 2000 mAh or more.

Class 10 microSD card

If you want greater sd card capacity than the existing one, you can buy a new one with larger capacity (up to 32GB), be sure to select the sd card that has a class 6 or 10 because it is faster while used. You can choose from different brands here.

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