Crucial Pantech Element Accessories : case, screen protector, extended battery, car charger, etc.

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Published on January 27, 2012

pantech element case screen protector

Pantech Element is the latest android tablet from AT&T that has been released earlier this week after introduced at CES 2012 in early January, these dust and water proof device is sold at $450 without contract or $300 with contract for 2 years. The price is quite inexpensive when compared to other tablets which also have excellent hardware specs (1.5 GHz processor Dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM), makes this gadget worth to buy. If you’re looking for guidance to find the best Pantech Element accessories : case, screen protector, extended battery etc. today we propose several accessories that might be suitable for you.

Best Pantech Element Cases

Since these Android tablet is dust and water-proof, make it appropriate for outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry when splashed in the water or use it when rains. However the second protection is essential to protect the whole body of your device from scratches during use or minimize the damage when dropped. In addition to protecting, Pantech Element Case is also required to help you in bringing this tablet device while traveling. You can select multiple cases with varying prices and colors here.

Essential Pantech Element Screen Protector

These tablets are made with an excellent display, High Definition capacitive touchscreen in 8-inches 16M colors and features a water proof. Seems like screen protector is not required for this device, but if you want your tablet LCD looks like new for a long time, you can consider to purchase a screen protector. Find Pantech screen protector for Element from several different manufacturers here.

Crucial Pantech Element Extended Battery

Pantech Element has a huge battery capacity (6400 mAh), so it has a very long stand-by time (25 days). But when your use for browsing the Internet on 4G LTE network make it has short battery life (up to 12 hours in-use time), moreover this device operates with 1.5GHz Dual-core processor which is pretty much battery consuming. And for those of you who travel frequently you can use a portable external charger that also serves as an extended battery for Pantech Element, you can try external battery pack.

microSD card for Pantech Element

When 16GB internal storage isn’t enough to keep all your mp3s, videos, pictures, documents and other, means you need an additional microSD card media with a maximum capacity of 32GB. For speed reason make sure you pick the sd card with class 6 or higher, you can find various capacity and price here.

Pantech Element Car Charger

When on a long journey by car, while using the GPS feature, listening to music or view video, you might need a car charger, be sure to find accessories that compatible with Pantech Element prices here.

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