Best Accessories : SONY Xperia ion Case, Skin, Extended Battery, Dock

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Published on January 31, 2012

Sony Xperia ion Accessories Case, Skin

Xperia ion was the first android phone from Sony which available for the U.S. market, these phone will be available together with AT&T mobile operator. Although planned to become available in Q2 2012 but you can pre-order these phone priced at $ 569.50 without a contract, the price is pretty affordable if compared to the quality that you will get (1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, 12MP Camera, etc.), and lastly these phone may be worth to buy. Valuable device requires a good protection so it can be well protected, here are some accessories of Sony Xperia ion such as cases, covers, skins, dock, extended battery, dock that might fit your needs.

Best Sony Xperia ion Case / Cover

Comes with 4.55-inches display makes this phone has a wide body (5.24″x2.7″x0.43″). The wider body makes the possibility to get scratches in everyday use will be greater, so you’ll need a case that can protect you from dust, smudges or scratches. Sony Xperia ion case / cover commonly available in two choices, hard case that made of plastic material, and another option is a soft case that made of silicon material, you can pick one here.

Xperia ion Skin and Screen Protector

These smartphones is equipped with an excellent display quality 4.55″HD Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, to keep quality of valuable screen, you need a screen protector that can keep it from scratches or stains, so your phone’s display looks good for a long time. For those of you who bored with the ion black color, you can buy the Xperia ion skin, besides protecting the entire body, skin can also give your gadget a new look and also looks unique, head over to this store to find more choices.

Xperia ion SmartDock

For anyone who want to use a dock for Xperia ion you can consider buying a SmartDock, not only to charge your smartphone, this official dock from SONY can also serve as an HDMI dock so you can discover all content on widescreen TVs and enjoyed with family.

Xperia ion Extended Battery

This PlayStation® certified smartphone has a variety of fascinating features such as Facebook inside Xperia and listening up to 12 million song over Sony Entertainment Network, that makes their users hard to stop using these android phones. However, these phone has a standard battery capacity (1900mAh), so you have 10 hours (GSM) / 4 hours (HSDPA) talk time and 400 hours (GSM) / 350 hours (HSDPA) stand-by time. To extend battery life you need an external battery charger that can charge your phone without going through an electrical outlet, find external battery for Xperia Ion here.

Xperia ion HiFi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio

For all of us who like to listen to radio on mobile phones, maybe this Bluetooth headset can get your interest. Besides receiving and making a phone calls these accessories can also capable to listen to FM radio wirelessly. You can even access music files on your PC, PDA, Tablet PC or other device with Bluetooth feature, read more features and check price here.

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