Lenovo Ideapad A1 gets unofficial CyanogenMod 7, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) getting closer ?

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Published on January 19, 2012

Lenovo Ideapad A1 ICS

Finally, android tablet that I bought at affordable price last year now able to run CyanogenMod (CM) 7, although not officially supported by CM Team, but at least there are developers who are willing to work with our devices. With the availability of CM 7 for us means there is hope for Lenovo Ideapad A1 to experience an Ice Cream Sandwich (CM 9) updates.

Although currently only able to boot an Android 2.3 firmware, but it seems the devs have to strive to make all features work well, and for now the dev still trying to fix the WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, SD card, camera and so on. Custom ROM is only recommended for advanced users, since you must gain root access first that may be unfamiliar for novice users. To download and receive further update head to official thread at xda.

[Source : gmarkall @xda]
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