Asus Transformer Prime WiFi/Bluettoth issues on ICS, slow WiFi speed

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Published on January 26, 2012

Asus transformer Prime WiFi Bluetooth issues

Asus seems too early when roll out ICS updates for Transformers Prime, since some problems arise after users updating these android tablet to Ice Cream Sandwich. After serial number unknown issue is still unresolved, but now a new problem comes when we use the WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously.


This issue will occur when you view streaming video such as Youtube together with Bluetooth device (speakers or headphones), this will cause signal degrades, this issue still occurs even if you hold your android tablet near to the WiFi router. So you have to reset the Bluetooth device or turn it off. The good news is, Asus team has been heard this issue and now has been addressed, the last update said that they currently have been able to provide improvements on the issue, and will unveil a solution as soon as possible. Although Transformer Prime has several problems but I was impressed with the staff responsiveness in addressing users complaints.

[Source : xda]
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