Galaxy Nexus LTE cases start to available on Sprint’s store, release date will be postponed to 17 May 2012

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Published on April 14, 2012

sprint galaxy nexus cases

For those of you who still doubt whether the Galaxy Nexus LTE will actually be present with Sprint, maybe this news will make you more confident. Some well-known smartphone accessories manufacturer such as OtterBox has been producing cases for this phone, even on sale in some Sprint’s stores.

There is other news that we received from gottamobile about when Sprint will release this advanced smartphone. According to Sprint Customer Services, Galaxy Nexus LTE will be available on May 17, 2012, which means delayed nearly a month from the previous rumor that will be offered on April 22, 2012. Now we just wait for a more formal announcement about the release date of Sprint’s long-awaited phone, I’m also hope that they will also announces the release schedule of Galaxy Note LTE aka Galaxy Journal :)

[Source : android-life | gottamobile]
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